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Experience the captivating journey through the evolution of the automobile age at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. Delve into an immersive educational adventure suitable for both adults and children, blending text, video, and authentic artifacts to illuminate the profound impact of automobiles on society.

Embark on a guided tour tailored to diverse age groups, enriched with fascinating insights and engaging activities. Our meticulously crafted lesson plans complement the tours, ensuring an enriching learning experience for all participants.

Join us for a myriad of exciting adult and children's programming and events, seamlessly blending fun and information. From interactive workshops to informative sessions, there's something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.













Larz and Isabel Anderson's estate in Brookline served as a hub for community engagement. They hosted a range of events, from plays to dog shows, benefitting locals. Notably, they welcomed early automobile enthusiasts for informal gatherings, marking the dawn of the motor age. Today, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum upholds their legacy by offering automotive-focused events like How-to Tuesday and Basic Car Courses, keeping the spirit of community engagement alive

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Larz and Isabel Anderson established numerous measures to ensure that their splendid estate in Brookline would serve as a valuable resource for the local community. Alongside entertaining dignitaries, the Andersons transformed their residence into a vibrant cultural hub, hosting a diverse array of events including children's plays, dog shows, birthday celebrations, charity functions, and winter ice skating on the pond. They also welcomed gatherings of like-minded early automobile enthusiasts, marking the nascent stages of the motor age with informal lawn gatherings.

Even decades after their passing, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum continues to honor the Andersons' enduring legacy by embracing the public through our Community History Speakers Series. This series is crafted to spark community-wide discussions about our local history, covering topics ranging from architecture and textiles to American history in Brookline, and naturally, the fascinating lives of the Andersons themselves.

Every contribution toward these presentations helps us offset the costs of providing exceptional community programming. We urge you to support the Larz Anderson Auto Museum as we persist in our mission to serve and educate. As a non-profit educational and cultural institution, we are committed to delving into the history of the automobile and its profound impact on our lives.

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Past Events

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum has been a vibrant hub of community engagement, offering a rich tapestry of events over the years. From lively community gatherings and educational workshops to the renowned Motormouth lecture series, captivating concerts, and insightful lectures, our museum has consistently provided a diverse range of experiences for enthusiasts and learners alike. These events have not only celebrated the history and culture of automobiles but have also fostered connections within our community, sparking meaningful conversations and deepening our understanding of automotive heritage.

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