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German car day

car registration is sold out!

Car Registration is offically sold out! There will be no day-of car registration available. If you'd like to come as a spectator only, those tickets are available at the front gate and never sell out!

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Just a ten-minute drive from downtown Boston, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in the 64-acre Larz Anderson Park showcases "America’s Oldest Car Collection" in the historic Carriage House. The museum offers engaging attractions, including Lawn Events, family-friendly gatherings, and car history lectures. A visit promises a day of exploration and enjoyment, creating lasting memories.



The Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts, not only showcases automobile history but also fosters community engagement through various events like car rallies, speaker sessions, and family-friendly gatherings. It collaborates with local organizations for educational programs, enhancing appreciation for automotive culture. It's a beloved cultural hub where people unite to celebrate shared interests and make memories.



The Andersons' collection began with an 1899 Winton 4-hp Runabout and grew to include 32 motorcars and horse-drawn carriages. After Isabel Anderson's death in 1948, the collection was entrusted to the VMCCA, forming the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. The museum features exhibits, educational forums, and themed Lawn Events.



The Larz Anderson Auto Museum is home to "America’s Oldest Car Collection". For more than eighty-five years the Larz Anderson Auto Museum has been supporting the community through a variety of educational programs, exhibits, and lectures.


Today the Museum's primary goal is its continued support of the community through educational outreach and the preservation of our permanent collection of early automobiles. The Larz Anderson Auto Museum hopes to serve as a resource for your automotive and cultural interests.


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